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Davy Undünn

Lead Vocals, Ninja Moves

Hails from Oak Cliff like many other rock legends. The North Dallas King of Frontmen. His uncommon passion for alt rock and 90s, coupled with unmatched on-stage charisma, creates a vibe that is unrivaled. David is the true zeitgeist for our decade of the 1990s. You will currently find him blistering stages and energizing fans in Last Stand and Ninety 2 Nothin.
Jared Galloway

Lead Guitar, Biceps

Picked up the guitar at the tender age of 10 and has never looked back. His first guitar sounds heard would harken back to the amazing pickers of Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins. Soon these sounds would progress to influences such as: McCreedy, SRV, Gibbons, Saul Hudson, Cantrell, Carlton, Nuge...all useful for the makings of a rock band.

Decades of live music with Two Weeks Notice, It's Classified, the notorious Green Room Rebels, numerous tribute bands, and now Ninety 2 Nothin.
Brian Howard

Lead Guitar, Legendary Swag

An Abilene, Texas native who found himself immersed in rock nirvana from Florida to California and back to DFW playing in professional bands: Bittersweet, Roulette, The Brian Howard Band, and most recently, Vinyl Crush. Today you will find him rockin' with Ninety 2 Nothin.

His musical rock influences range from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen which have done a number on this guitar player, and as a result DFW now has a skilled shred master and a rocker that developed a guitar tone marinated in history's best rock music.
James Trewin

Bass Guitar, Vocals, Tech Geek

He has rock-n-roll deep in his family. Former member of COVENANT, the great 90s band of College Station, Texas. He fears no lyric or bassline and can be found in many different coverbands.

He is Geddy Lee on smarts but his rock basslines would roll Lemmy in his grave. John Paul Jones was a major influence for his playing style on COVENANT originals, and Duff McKagan serves as his inspiration for creativity and on-stage swag. Trewin is a one-stop shop, A-Z, accomplished musician, and master producer. Dude plays keys too.
Steven Kistner

Drums, Lighting Wizard

Born and raised in Dallas Texas, music has always had a heavy presence in his life. His influences are as eclectic as a Japanese-Russian fusion restaurant in Alabama, stemming from different times in his drumming evolution: Bonham, Copeland, Mason, Collins, Layton, Grohl, Beauford, Wilk, Dolmayn, Dre and Eminem. He has Studied with Mike Johnston, and shared stages with bands from Two Tons of Steel to The Jacksons.

Nicknamed "The Rev" drummer because he once married a couple at a show he was playing. His second nickname "Shiv" came from the work release program... we don't ask questions but he keeps a sharp drumstick in his bag.